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I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with CM Fox. I have had an interest in real estate since a young age, but it didn’t really become a passion until I helped flip a home after moving back to the area. Since then, I have been a part of multiple flips, rentals, whole sales, and building a home from the ground up. Now as a NYS Real Estate Salesperson, my goal is to use my skills and endless resources to make any real estate experience, whether it is buying your dream home or selling your first, as simple and enjoyable as possible.

When not working with real estate, I am also a local football coach. I love helping young athletes get the best out of themselves on and off the field. The coaching aspect of my life gives me a point of view not a lot of others have, mainly being able to use different tools and techniques to put myself, my clients, and anyone else in the best situation possible.

I believe in goal setting, and my biggest goal in real estate is to use it not only as a career, but also to help open doors for others and get the best deal out there.