Thinking about selling your home next spring? Well, if you want to improve your curb appeal, you should be treating your lawn now to make sure it’s show ready! Here are four basic tips to help you spruce up that front yard:

  1. Aeration

Aeration provides room for new grass to spread without competition from spring weeds. The tools pull up plugs of grass and soil and breaks up compacted turf. Once this occurs, water, oxygen and nutrients are able to get to the roots which give seeds the ability to sprout.

Depending on how often your lawn is used, you should plan to aerate 1-2 times per year (twice if used often).

  1. Seeding

When the soil temperature is about 55 degrees, it’s time to seed your lawn. This is because turf roots grow enthusiastically in fall and winter. Keep in mind, the type of seed matters. For the best results, it’s smart not to buy the cheapest brand of seed.

Once the seed is planted, water your lawn 10 to 20 days in a row until it germinates.

  1. Fertilizing

If you are able, it is best to fertilize your lawn as late into the fall as possible, before the first frost. By doing this, you help your grass survive the winter and encourages growth come spring. Choose something high (10% to 15%) in phosphorous as it aids in the growth of the root.

  1. Mulching

Forget the rake and run over the leaves a couple of times with your mower to grind them into mulch. The shredded leaves protect grass from winter wind.

For more tips on how to prepare your home for a spring listing, send us an email!