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Capital Region Real Estate Tips

Here you’ll find real estate tips from the experts at CM Fox Real Estate, as well as helpful information about the areas we serve. We specialize in Latham, Colonie, Guilderland and Albany NY real estate, and have more than 50 real estate agents throughout the Capital Region. Whether you need tips for buying a home, selling a home, or you just want to learn about the area, you’ll find it all here in our real estate blog. Looking for more personalized insight and advice? Call (518) 861-7030 to speak with one of our  local real estate agents.


Opening Doors for Agents & Clients

Her door was open. When I stepped into Beth’s office this morning, there were three items of importance that caught my eye. I didn’t

Dec 3, 2018
How to Sell Your Home in a Seller’s Market

When there’s more demand for homes from potential buyers than the current available housing supply, the condition known as a “seller’s market” exists. This

Aug 15, 2018
How to Stay Cool in the Capital Region

It’s summer time in the Albany area and the living is easy. Unless of course you’re living without central air, and then it tends

Jul 12, 2018
5 Free Summer Concert Series in the Capital Region

Whether you’re a full-time music lover or you’re just looking for something to do, these free outdoor concerts are a great way to spend

Jun 22, 2018
Tips for Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

Planning to buy a home this year?  Then you’ve probably heard that 2018 is a seller’s market, but what exactly does that mean? As

May 4, 2018
Spring Things to Do in Guilderland

While it still doesn’t feel like spring here in Guilderland NY, we are holding out hope that warm weather is on its way. As

Apr 5, 2018
Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Buyers frequently ask us if they really need a home inspection, and every single one of our Guilderland real estate agents will tell you

Mar 23, 2018
How to Clear the Clutter Before You Sell or Move

As real estate agents, we get a lot of questions, but one of the most frequently asked is, “How do I get rid of

Mar 6, 2018
Why Should Home Sellers Use a Realtor?

With access to dozens of websites and online tools that will tell you how much your home is worth, homeowners often ask us if

Feb 26, 2018
What NOT to Do at an Open House

While most home buyers know that they should be on time, dress appropriately and use common courtesy when attending an open house or home

Jan 16, 2018
How to Choose the Right Neighborhood

While you can change many things about a house, changing its location is not one of them. Finding the right neighborhood and community to

Dec 27, 2017
Winter in the Capital Region – Perfect for House Hunting & Exploring

With home prices usually at their lowest in January and February, winter is the perfect time to find homes for sale in Guilderland, Colonie,

Dec 12, 2017
Tips for Hosting the Holidays in a Small Space

As real estate agents, we frequently hear the lament, “We need a bigger house!” And that’s especially true around the holidays. While we’re happy

Nov 20, 2017
#CMFoxFamily Supporting Local Families

As the holiday season quickly approaches, CM Fox Real Estate in Guilderland NY is proud to be working with the Toys for Tots Foundation

Nov 3, 2017
5 Common Home Buying Questions

Buying a home can be a daunting task, and it’s not unusual for the home buyers we work with to have a lot of

Oct 24, 2017
FALL Into Lawn Care Now and SPRING into Selling Next Year!

Thinking about selling your home next spring? Well, if you want to improve your curb appeal, you should be treating your lawn now to

Oct 6, 2017
Best Albany NY Suburbs

Whether you’re relocating for a new job in tech valley or for the high quality of life that the area offers, New York’s Capital

Sep 29, 2017
CM Fox Hosts Annual Charity Golf Event

CM Fox Real Estate held its 5th annual golf tournament on Friday, September 8th at Orchard Creek Golf Club in Altamont, NY. To say

Sep 21, 2017
Renting vs. Buying a Home in Guilderland NY

While most of our clients have already decided that homeownership is right for them, we are occasionally asked, “Is it better to rent or

Aug 30, 2017
Pros and Cons of Buying a Fixer-Upper

When you decide to move, whether it’s because you are ready to move up from an apartment to a house, or because you want

Jul 17, 2017
How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Selling Your Guilderland Home and Decreasing Clutter Whether you’ve been in your home for one year or ten years, you’ve bound to have collected

Jun 6, 2017
Is Summer a Good Time to Sell Your Guilderland Home?

If you are ready to sell your Guilderland home, choosing when to sell can make a big difference in how fast your house sells,

May 31, 2017
2017 Spring Gala

Our Inaugural Spring Gala was a huge success and we once again have our community to thank. On April 29th, a beautiful Spring day,

May 18, 2017
Buying Your First Home in Guilderland, NY?

Are you ready to make the transition from renting to buying your first home? Purchasing a home in Guilderland NY is both and exciting

May 4, 2017
Why Use a Real Estate Agent?

With access to dozens, if not hundreds, of home-finder websites and online real estate tools, our clients, friends and even family sometimes ask, “Do

Apr 7, 2017
Meet Our Real Estate Agents

Meet Our Guilderland Real Estate Agents Did you happen to notice our first “meet our agents” picture on Instagram or Facebook today? Well, if

Apr 3, 2017
5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Spring Real Estate Market

Spring Tips for Selling Your Home in the Albany Real Estate Market Spring is traditionally the busiest time of year for home sales, and

Mar 7, 2017
Staging Tips for Spring

Albany Real Estate Benefits from Spring Staging April showers bring May flowers – as well as plenty of potential homebuyers! Spring is the optimum

Feb 26, 2017
Use Curb Appeal to Your Advantage

Use Curb Appeal to Increase the Value of Your Albany Area Home While the inside of your home might easily sell itself, there are

Feb 22, 2017
What does STYLE mean to you?

How STYLE affects the sale of your Albany home The meaning of “style” encompasses everything from your head to your home! Every year, stylists

Feb 20, 2017
Find Your Passion

Find your passion- Yes, it is #7 on Martha Stewarts “10 Golden Rules for Successful Living”. Doesn’t matter whether it is silly or funny,

Feb 10, 2017
How Going Green Can Help Improve the Value of Your Albany Home

Rustic is the new Modern: Reclaim — Reuse– Regenerate Have you taken a drive around Albany or Guilderland lately? Maybe Latham or Clifton Park?

Jan 27, 2017
Finding Albany Real Estate During the Winter

Why Winter is a Good Time to Sell Your Albany Home Conventional wisdom tells us that spring is the best time to sell a

Jan 13, 2017
Selling Your Albany Home During the Winter? Your Yard Can Still Pop!

7 Ways to Make Your Winter Yard Eye Catching for Your Open House 1. Make sure you mow through the fall If you know

Dec 28, 2016
How Have Real Estate Trends Changed Through the Years?

Trends in Buying and Selling Houses Consumers trends have changed over the past 35 years– but by how much? Thirty-five years ago, the National

Dec 27, 2016
Traits & Benefits of a Motivated Seller

  Finding a Motivated Seller in Albany, NY and Beyond Motivated seller is one of those industry terms that sometimes makes us stop and

Dec 22, 2016
Holiday Home Buying Trends

Albany NY Homes for Sale During the Holidays   When you think about shopping this time of year, it’s typically not for a new

Dec 19, 2016
Buying a House in Albany? What’s on Your ‘Must Have’ List?

When Buying a House in Albany, Know What You Want Ahead of Time It’s that time of the year again. It’s the time we

Dec 16, 2016
The Benefits of Home Staging

Increase the Chances of Selling Your Albany, NY Home If you are interested in selling your Albany, NY home, there are two main reasons

Nov 16, 2016
Historic Albany- An inside look

CM Fox Licensed Salesperson Elise VanAllen had the House of the Week in the Times Union this past weekend. So we asked her a

Apr 6, 2015
New Season—- New Home

We’ve been busy over here at CM Fox. The Spring season in upstate New York is a busy one. Spring represents growth, rebirth and

Mar 30, 2015
Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

Let’s face it; when you see something every day, you are less likely to notice it. We tend to become complacent by our surroundings. 

Mar 11, 2015
Spring Fever

Let’s be honest– we ALL have Spring fever right now. Yesterday it was about 40 degrees in Guilderland and that was all most of

Mar 5, 2015
Thinking of new construction?

As you know, CM Fox is located in Guilderland, NY. What you might not know, or realize, is how awesome Guilderland really is. Don’t

Feb 25, 2015
Define “home”

Happy bitterly cold Monday, everyone! Upstate NY is NOT the place to be right now. You may have noticed your car give you a

Feb 16, 2015
Bethlehem School District

Bethlehem School District One of most common questions a real estate agent hears is: What school district is the home in? It’s a good

Feb 9, 2015
Money Saving Tips

Losing weight Get organized Spend less, save more Any idea what this is a list of? It’s the top 3 New Year’s resolutions of

Jan 6, 2015
Offices for Lease

2015 is right around the corner– literally. A new year will be here before the weekend! We like to think of it as our

Dec 29, 2014
Lunch with Homestead Funding

Every now and then you find that special partner who makes life that much easier.  That’s what we have found with Drew Aiello and

Dec 10, 2014
Donate and Win

Happy November everyone! We have officially entered into the shopping and giving holiday season. The season of giving is upon us and CM Fox

Nov 5, 2014
Think Golf!

  This past September CM Fox hosted it’s 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Charity Event at Orchard Creek Golf Course in Altamont, NY. Once again,

Oct 29, 2014
Starting the Home Buying Process

It may be of no surprise to you that ” 60 percent of the buyer journey is complete before prospects reach out to vendors.” ~ The Corporate Executive

Oct 23, 2014
What Type of Home Loan is Best for You?

One of the scariest parts of purchasing a home can be the financing. Some of the most common questions we hear are: Which is loan is best

Oct 15, 2014
5 Reasons Open Houses are Awesome

Have you ever thought about going to an open house, but weren’t sure what to expect? Maybe you thought you would be hounded by

Oct 6, 2014
Fall Is Here

Fall 2014 is officially here. Although, you might not have guessed it this past weekend with temperatures in the low to mid 80’s. However,

Sep 30, 2014
Stonington Condominums Virtual Tour

Click here for the Virtual Tour!   Stonington Court Condominiums is a brand new 10-unit condominium located in the beautiful, historic village of Voorheesville. It

Sep 17, 2014
Golf Event Donations

CM Fox recently visited the Ronald McDonald House to donate $10,000 to the local charity from our recent golf event, and to spend time with

Feb 27, 2014
Food Drive & Christmas Angels

This year CM Fox coordinated a food drive for the Regional Food Bank, where we ended up donating 224 pounds of food! Thank you to

Feb 27, 2014
Your Savings and Down Payment

Your First Step Toward Buying a Home When preparing to buy a home, the first thing many homebuyers do is look at the real

Jan 28, 2014
Which ARM is the Best Alternative?

How would you like a mortgage loan where you did not have to make the whole payment if you did not want to? Or

Jan 28, 2014
Where Does the Money Come From for Mortgage Loans?

In the olden days, when someone wanted a home loan they walked downtown to the neighborhood bank or savings & loan. If the bank

Jan 28, 2014

What is a FICO® Score? FICO® stands for Fair Isaac & Company and is the name for the most well known credit scoring system,

Jan 28, 2014
Types of Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Bankers Mortgage Bankers are lenders that are large enough to originate loans and create pools of loans, which are then sold directly to

Jan 28, 2014
The No-Cost Thirty Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

There really is no such thing as a no-cost mortgage loan. There are always costs, such as appraisal fees, escrow fees, title insurance fees,

Jan 28, 2014
The Biweekly Mortgage – Who Needs It?

Have you received an advertisement offering to save you thousands of dollars on your thirty-year mortgage and cut years off your payments? With email

Jan 28, 2014
The Advantages of Different Types of Mortgage Lenders

What kind of lender is best? If you ask a loan officer, “What kind of lender is best?” the answer will be whatever kind

Jan 28, 2014
Land Contract

An alternative to a non-conforming loan is the use of a land contract, which is allowed in some states. A land contract is an

Jan 28, 2014
Items You Need When Applying For a Loan

Have These Items Ready When You Apply For a Loan It used to be that lenders mailed out verifications to employers, banks, mortgage companies,

Jan 28, 2014
FICO® Scores and Your Mortgage

Years ago, credit scoring had little to do with mortgage lending. When reviewing the credit worthiness of a borrower, an underwriter would make a

Jan 28, 2014
FICO® Score – a Brief Explanation

When you apply for a mortgage loan, you expect your lender to pull a credit report and look at whether you’ve made your payments

Jan 28, 2014
Documenting Your Assets – Verifying Your Down Payment

When buying a home, it is not enough to just come up with the money. With the exception of no asset verification loans, lenders

Jan 28, 2014
Closing Costs When Buying or Refinancing a Home

Closing Costs When Buying or Refinancing a Home This is a detailed summary of costs you may have to pay when you buy or

Jan 28, 2014
Adjustable Rate Mortgages – The Basics

An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) has an interest rate that fluctuates periodically. This is in contrast to a fixed rate mortgage, which always has

Jan 28, 2014
Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate Mortgages – Pros and Cons Now that you know what an ARM is and how it works, you may be wondering what

Jan 28, 2014
Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Related Terms Defined The Real Estate Market can be confusing. There are so many elements that go into buying or selling a

Jan 28, 2014
Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Title Insurance. It’s a term we hear and see frequently – we see reference to it in the Sunday real estate section, in advertisements

Jan 28, 2014
Understanding Title Insurance

What is title insurance? Newspapers refer to it in the weekly real estate sections and you hear about it in conversations with real estate

Jan 28, 2014
Understanding Preliminary Reports

After months of searching, you’ve finally found it — your perfect dream home. But is it perfect? Will you be purchasing more than just

Jan 28, 2014
Title Insurance When Refinancing Your Loan

Lower interest rates have motivated you to refinance your home loan. The lower rate may save you a tremendous amount of money over the

Jan 28, 2014
Title Insurance Requirements for Insuring Trusts

In today’s world of busy probate courts and exorbitant death taxes, the living trust has become a common manner of holding title to real

Jan 28, 2014
Title Insurance – Where Does Your Dollar Go?

Title Insurance: As a homebuyer, the term is probably familiar – but is it understood? What is your dollar actually paying for when you

Jan 28, 2014
The Functions of an Escrow

Buying or selling a home (or other piece of real property) usually involves the transfer of large sums of money. It is imperative that

Jan 28, 2014
Statements of Information

What’s in a name? When a title company seeks to uncover matters affecting title to real property, the answer is, “Quite a bit.” Statements

Jan 28, 2014
Required Reporting to the I.R.S.

Sellers of real property will have certain information regarding the sale reported to the Internal Revenue Service. This required reporting is a consequence of

Jan 28, 2014
Creative Financing

Creative financing: You’ve heard of it, and, as a seller, the idea sounds pretty attractive. But, do you know everything you need to know

Jan 28, 2014
Closing and Title Costs

It’s the big day. The day you go to the title or escrow company, sign your name on the dotted line, hand over a

Jan 28, 2014
Understanding Foreclosures

It is an unfortunate commentary, but when economic activity declines and housing activity decreases, more real property enters the foreclosure process. High interest rates

Jan 28, 2014
Underground Heating Oil Tanks

Underground heating oil tanks can pose many potential problems to both home buyers and sellers. They have been the source of many environmental problems

Jan 28, 2014

A radioactive gas found in some homes that in sufficient concentrations can cause health problems.

Jan 28, 2014

In purchasing your new home, your future monthly payments will be made up of principal, interest, real property taxes, and insurance. But what is

Jan 28, 2014
Mechanic’s Liens

The Mechanics’ Lien law provides special protection to contractors, subcontractors, laborers and suppliers who furnish labor or materials to repair, remodel or build your

Jan 28, 2014
Living Trusts

Estate planners often recommend Living Trusts as a viable option when contemplating the manner in which to hold title to real property. When a

Jan 28, 2014
Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisoning in Your Guilderland Home Lead poisoning in your Guilderland home is a serious problem that can lead to adverse health problems. In

Jan 28, 2014
Environmental Issues

When purchasing a piece of property, it is important to be aware of any environmental liabilities associated with it. For example, you should find

Jan 28, 2014
Condominium and PUD Ownership

Builders, in an effort to combat the dual problem of an increasing population and a declining availability of prime land, are increasingly turning to

Jan 28, 2014
Common Ways of Holding Title

How Should I Take Ownership of the Property I am Buying? Real property can be incredibly valuable and the question of how parties can

Jan 28, 2014
What is a Short Sale Anyway?

An increase in foreclosure rates will inevitably bring with it an increase in short sales. But what is a short sale? A short sale

Jan 28, 2014
Setting the Price

The price is the first thing buyers notice about your property. If you set your price too high, then the chance of alienating buyers

Jan 28, 2014
Plan of Action

Analyze why you are selling – If you understand your motives, you will be able to better negotiate and to get what it is that

Jan 28, 2014
Making a Good First Impression

If you want buyers to be interested in your home, you need to show it in its best light. A good first impression can

Jan 28, 2014
Know Why You are Selling

If you know exactly why you are selling then it is easier for you to follow the right plan of action for getting what

Jan 28, 2014
Insist on a Home Inspection

A professional home inspection protects both you and the buyer. It allows both you and the buyer the opportunity to learn about the property’s

Jan 28, 2014
Sell Your Albany Home at the Highest Price

In order to sell your Albany home at the highest price in the shortest time, you need to know how to market your home.

Jan 28, 2014
For Sale By Owner – A Good Idea?

For Sale By Owner in Guilderland, NY Selling a home in Guilderland, NY and thinking about foregoing the real estate agent? For Sale By

Jan 28, 2014
Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Are you ready to sell your home? The right real estate agent will make your sales process as straight-forward and stress-free as possible. What to Consider

Jan 28, 2014
Selling Your Albany Area Home & Considering Offers

You’ve worked with a real estate agent to determine a fair asking price for your home, put it on the market, and opened your

Jan 28, 2014
Why You Should Not Make Any Major Credit Purchases

Don’t go on a spending spree using credit if you are thinking about buying a home, or in the process of buying a new

Jan 28, 2014
Use a Buyer’s Agent to Find Homes in Guilderland

It’s important that you choose an experienced real estate agent who is there for you. Your agent should be actively finding you potential homes

Jan 28, 2014
Buying a Foreclosure

With the housing bubble burst and the subprime mortgage crisis, millions of homeowners found themselves unable to make their mortgage payments. Many found themselves

Jan 28, 2014
Is Investing in Guilderland Real Estate Still a Smart Plan?

With the burst of the housing bubble, credit crisis, and millions of foreclosures across the country, you may wonder if buying a home is

Jan 28, 2014
Importance of Inspection

Guilderland Home Inspections As a buyer, you are entitled to know exactly what you are getting. Don’t take anything for granted, not even what

Jan 28, 2014
Hot, Normal, and Cold Markets

Guilderland Real Estate Markets Hot Market This is an extremely competitive market and is advantageous to the seller. Sometimes, homes will sell as soon

Jan 28, 2014
Getting a Legitimate Lender and Pre-Approval

It used to be that buyers could go house shopping and when they have found their dream home in Guilderland, then they go to

Jan 28, 2014
Is Your Seller a Motivated Seller?

The best seller is one who is highly motivated. A highly motivated seller is more likely to sell their Guilderland NY home at a

Jan 28, 2014
Build a Plan of Action and Get Ready

Buying a House in Guilderland, NY Buying a house in Guilderland, NY or any surrounding city will probably rank as one of the biggest

Jan 28, 2014
Decrease Financial Stress

Buying a Home in Guilderland | Managing Stress Let’s be honest, being house poor is terrible. When you’re house poor you immediately start regretting

Jan 28, 2014